The bikes of Service Honda

Our CR500AFs combine new generation frames with state-of-the-art suspension. They have an aggressive look. The 500AFs combine the fiery temperament of a 500cc two-stroke with the most technologically advanced of modern frames. These have been put together to form the most versatile and powerful bike of the off-road world.

The standard version comes with a genuine Pro Circuit Platinium exhaust pipe coupled to a 304 Factory Sound silencer from the same manufacturer. Furthermore, the Service Honda logo is now engraved on the frame. Each bike is a unique item built to order.

+13,499.00 USD CR125/250/500AF
+1,200.00 USD Air Freight Air freight Chicago/Luxembourg
=14,699.00 USD Total taxable
+1,175.92 USD 8% EU import taxes
=15,874.92 USD Total USD ex. VAT

+192.00 € Customs handling fee
+400.00 € Coniston Sarl handling fee
=592.00 € Total Euro HT

PRICE: 15,874.- USD + 592.- EUROS
Price ex. Vat for a motorcycle collected in our premises.


Each bike is a unique piece built to order. The wait between placing an order and receipt of the bike is approximately eight to twelve weeks. However, we do frequently hold models in stock and these are available for immediate delivery. Without any obligation on your behalf, feel free to request a quotation with a detailed price breakdown for the bike that you are interested in ordering.

To know exactly how to proceed to place an order please download the pdf document hereafter.



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